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  1. To create your individualized "Terms of Service" page you have to link to
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    You MUST own the domain name for which the terms of service are created. It's not possible to use our service if you only own a webpage on someone else's server.
  2. It is self-evident that you may not use our service if the resulting page at contains untrue statements, for example
    • if you DO have the intent to facilitate activities which are unlawful
    • if you DO plan to sell personal information without the user's consent
    • ...
  3. Your website will be automatically added to our link exchange. This is a nice side effect for you. As soon as visitors are coming from your website to your website will be listed. However we reserve the right to refuse sites with certain content.
  4. Please note that you can even add your address and email and more to the generated Terms of Service page by following this Step-by-Step guide.

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